Made from scratch: Muesli

Cook time: 10 minsPrep time: 5 mins

 Introducing 'Made from scratch'; our guide to help you create your own.

Making your own food from scratch is one of the most satisfying things to do, so we’ve created a series of fail-proof formulas to help guide you through making some summer staples, exactly how you like them. 

Experimenting with different flavours, ratios and combinations, and using your own taste and instinct is what it’s all about.

Use this build-it-yourself guide as your flavour map for making the perfect muesli, just how you like it.

We promise you, it’s super easy!

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Choose one or two from each section:

Build a base

Between 120-190g (standard) or 40-60g (puffed grains) / 3 scoops in-store

Rolled oats
Buckwheat kernels
Quinoa Puffs
Puffed amaranth

Go nuts

Between 50-80g / half scoop in-store

Sliced almonds

Add seeds

Between 65-90g / half scoop in-store
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds (pepitas)
Hemp hearts 
Chia seeds
Golden flax seeds

Add some fruit

Between 60-110g / half scoop in-store

Seedless raisins
Goji berries
Dried cherries
Chopped mango cheeks
Chopped Figs

Make it extra tasty

To your taste

Maple syrup (In-store only)
Almond butter
Coconut chips
Chocolate drops
Cacao nibs
Bran Flakes
Flaky Sea Salt



Turn the oven to 180 bake and line a baking tray with baking paper.

Pick one or two ingredients from each section to your taste, combine all ingredients apart from the dried fruit, and lightly toast in the oven until golden.

Add the dried fruit at the end, let it cool and store in one of your favourite GoodFor jars. 

It’s that easy.

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muesli made from scratch

muesli made from scratch