Website FAQs


Is GoodFor NZ Owned & Operated?

That’s right! We are a small operation beginning in early 2017 in Auckland, with our first store in Ponsonby. We have a small number of Kiwi stakeholders also.

How many locations do you have?

We now have 7 locations in total - Ponsonby, Takapuna, Parnell, Stonefields, Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson. Our main headquarters is based in Grey Lynn, Auckland. You can find more info about each location on our contact page here. We are currently expanding throughout NZ so keep an eye out for new openings.

Are you expanding overseas?

This is something we’re working on and hope to spread our wings into the international market in the next 12 months.

Can I work for the company?

We’d love to have you on board - please check out our careers page here for any openings!

Food & Products

Are all of your products sourced locally?

We always source our products locally where possible! In order to stock the vast range we do – it’s not possible to source everything in NZ. We are always looking to improve our supply chain though and will be making this more transparent over time.

Are all of your products organic?

We stock around 80% organic and we’re always hunting down organic replacements for those that are not.

Are all of our recipes plant-based or vegan?

While many of our recipes are plant based; they’re not exclusively or only for vegans, we welcome all eaters. Our focus is on providing simple, wholesome recipes that use as little plastic packaging and food waste as possible.

How is the bulk food delivered to your stores?

We order all food products in the largest quantity possible to reduce packaging. For many local suppliers we have a circular scheme set up whereby we use reusable buckets or containers that we return after each delivery, we try to set this up with as many suppliers as possible. For anything else, some items will arrive in plastic or foil packaging for food safety reasons and in this instance we have a very thorough rubbish sorting system in place.

Do you carry Gluten Free products?

Absolutely! We have a large range of gluten free products and although cannot guarantee 100% zero cross contamination, we get audited regularly and ensure there is a serious sanitisation process in place to prevent this.

How do you avoid cross contamination?

As above, we have very strict protocols in place, including product placement and sanitisation of scoops, bins and all surfaces. We get audited regularly on this and stay up to date on all safe practices.

In Store

Can I bring my own jars into the store to refill?

Yes! We encourage our customers to bring in their own packaging as often as possible. You can bring in your own empty glass jars, tupperware or whatever you have. Simply weigh your containers on arrival using our scales - then get filling! At the checkout, the weight of your container is deducted off.

Can I bring plastic containers into the store to refill?

Yes! We don’t mind people using plastic, we just not big fans of single-use plastic. If you are reusing your old plastic containers, that is great.

Do you have parking facilities?

Ponsonby – there is off-street parking nearby on Ponsonby Rd or in the local supermarket carpark. Parnell & Takapuna stores have allocated parks outside. Stonefields has plenty of parking right outside the store in the Stoneridge on Lunn carpark. Wellington & Christchurch - off street parking nearby.Nelson has lots of free parking available in the Connings car park.

Do you have bike parking?

Yes! In Takapuna, Ponsonby & Parnell we have bike racks outside, and in Christchurch there are bike racks in The Welder precinct.

What if I forgot my jars or my own containers?

We have paper bags of all different sizes ready for you to fill if you need. You can then take these home and fill up your jars- we recommend doing this as soon as possible to keep the items fresh!

Can I return the food I purchased and get a refund?

We do not accept returns on any food items purchased from our store. If a food item is damaged, inedible, missing, or similar - we can look to refund you on a case-by-case basis. A receipt of purchase will always be needed.

I want to check out my loyalty points, where can I see them?

You can check these out on our website. When you login with your email address on the site, you can check “Loyalty Points” here and get the up to date information.

Where do I find info about working in my local store?

You can check out the careers page here to get info about local store openings..

But wait, some of your products have packaging?

Yes they do, for safety reasons many of our merchandise products have packaging - this also makes them perfect for gifting. But don’t worry all of the packaging you see in store is home compostable, cardboard or stainless steel.

Is everything listed online in every store?

We try our best to keep the range consistent and the majority of our products will match up - but to be safe, you can phone or email ahead to get the accurate stock levels of something in your local store.

Online Store

How will my order be delivered?

All of our food is packed fresh for you and placed into paper bags which are now sealed with home compostable stickers. Everything is then packed into a solid cardboard box for shipping.

Is your home delivery packaging compostable?

Yes! The paper bags and tape are perfectly safe for your home compost or for feeding to your worms. The cardboard boxes can be also be composted, recycled or repurposed. These items are all manufactured locally in NZ. We also use home compostable zip lock bags made of cornstarch, PLA (a starch based bioplastic resin) and PBAT (biodegradable co-polymer) to send products that can be oily, such as almond meal or roasted nuts. You can either compost these yourself or bring them back to us and we will compost them for you through our friends over at Wecompost.

Where can I track my parcel?

You will be sent tracking details via email once your parcel has been dispatched - we use NZ Post courier service.

Why was I refunded partially for my order?

Although we try our best to have our stock levels accurate at all times, occasionally there will be discrepancies and so an item will be added to your cart when it is out of stock or not available for another reason. In this instance we will refund you for the missing items - resulting in a “partial refund” - you’ll be notified via email about this.

Why was I charged a “packing fee”?

Each item is packed fresh to order, it has been individually weighed to your specification, packed or double-packed into a paper bag, sealed and noted with the product name & weight. Unfortunately there isn’t a more efficient way to do this with keeping the product super fresh. So it’s only viable that we charge a very small fee for this.

Do you stock more products in-store than you do online?

Yes! Not everything is available online yet. Anything not available online will be noted as “in store only” on the website listing. We also have a wide range of liquids available for refilling such as oils, vinegars and syrups in store, as well as personal care items like shampoo, body wash and cleaning supplies. You can find these in this section here.

Where does my order get shipped from in NZ?

Our packing warehouse is adjacent to our store in Parnell, Auckland. So all online orders made (unless Click & Collect) will be shipped from our central packing warehouse and delivered to your door.

Who packs my order?

There is a wonderful dedicated packing team in our Parnell location, with a bunch of good peeps packing orders every day to be sent across the country. If you’ve selected local pick up - your order will be packed by the staff on duty the day of your order being sent through.

Can I cancel my order?

We don’t accept order cancellations unless there was a mistake made on the website or a glitch with payment. This is because all orders are received, sorted and packed very quickly and when dealing with food, we cannot return these items.

Can I get a refund on my order?

We will only process refunds when there is something wrong with the product, with the order or if something is missing. In all other instances, we would need to be contacted to decipher your situation.

Can I change or add something to my order?

If you need to make an edit to your order - please do this as soon as possible, this will be on a case-by-case basis depending on whether or not the order has already been packed and sorted for dispatch. Please email right away.

If I purchase multiple quantities of the same product, will they be packaged separately?

No, to reduce packaging we will combine anything in your order that is the same product e.g. if you order x2 lots of 100g blanched almonds, you will receive one bag of 200g blanched almonds. If you require items to be separated for any reason, please write this in the order notes at the checkout process.

Can I return my goods?

We cannot accept returns of any food, beauty or hygiene items. We can accept unopened, unused merchandise products but this will be done on a case-by-case basis.

Out of Stock items - disclaimer.

We do our best to keep our inventory levels constant and up to date, but occasionally certain items will be incorrectly in stock. With the nature of the business and having bulk food items that are moving very quickly - items will sometimes not be showing up correctly on the website.

Something was missing from my order, what do I do?

Please contact us directly - and we’ll arrange either a refund, a store credit or we’ll ship the missing item out directly to you.

I got the wrong order, what do I do?

Contact us immediately and we will figure out if it was a courier issue or a packing issue. Either way, we can either arrange a return ticket or a redirection courier ticket. And we will make sure your correct order is on its way to you immediately!

My package was stolen, help!

Please alert the courier company and the police about this. Unfortunately we have no control or say in this issue and won’t be able to be a lot of help.

How much is shipping for nationwide deliveries?

Shipping charges are:
  • $6.00 Auckland
  • $8.00 Greater North Island
  • $15.00 South Island
No extra for rural delivery. All orders over $50 receive free shipping. We also have a packing fee due to our online orders being very labour intensive (someone is weighing everything for you). This is calculated at $2.50 per $50 spent on the order. ie;
  • $0-$50=$2.50 fee
  • $50-$100=$5.00 fee
  • $100-$150=$7.50 fee
For more information, see our delivery info page here.

Reward Points

How do the GoodFor rewards points work?

You receive a 5% return on your purchases with us. These accumulate as a point for every dollar you spend. 200 points is a $10 towards your next purchase. You will be notified of a $10 voucher that you can spend in store. Online, you will be prompted to use the points as you go as a small discount off each shop.

How can I see how many points I have?

You can login to your account here and see how many points have accumulated. To use your points: 1. Click on the 'Rewards' button on the bottom right of the screen (before you head to the cart page) 2. Click 'All Rewards' to see which rewards you have available 3. Click on the 'Order Discount' reward owing to you and then generate the coupon code 4. Enter your coupon code in the 'apply coupon' section of the checkout page

Do my in store and online points link?

Since our new website has launched, these do indeed link - but to set this up you must reset your password online as an existing customer. If you’re a new customer this will automatically be set up for you.

Help, I can’t see any points on my account?

Please make sure you’re signed in with the correct email address and if you’re still not seeing the correct info, please contact us -

Can I donate my points to a charity?

Unfortunately this isn’t currently set up as an option, but we are working to give you the chance to donate points towards planting New Zealand native trees in the future.


How does the native tree programme work?

Essentially, each time you shop with us in-store or online, you contribute towards planting NZ native trees. Either we identify land or work with incredible partners like Million Metres who organise native New Zealand tree projects around NZ to help restore our waterways. Volunteers (which could be you) are found by either us or our partner and then a tree planting day is organised. Together, we can help restore New Zealand's environment!

How many trees have been planted to date?

From when we opened in 2017 until mid 2020, we are extremely proud to say around 200,000 trees have been planted through our charity donation to Trees For The Future. On 1 Sept 2020, we launched our New Zealand native tree planting programme. Our first project was working with Million Metres to help restore the eco-corridor along Seabreeze Road in Devonport, Auckland. On July 3, we held our first GoodFor planting day and had 80 volunteers come along to plant 357 native NZ trees. You can check out our dedicated Trees page to keep up to date with when and where we're planting next.

Where do you plant the trees?

Our first Tree Planting Day was held on Saturday July 3 in Devonport, Auckland where we planted 357 native trees on the day. You can check out our dedicated Trees page to keep up to date with when and where we're planting next.

How do I get involved with a future tree planting day?

Check out our dedicated Trees page on the website and pop your email in the box at the bottom of the page - we’ll be in touch once we’re ready to organise our first tree planting day.

Do online purchases also contribute towards native trees?

Yes! Each month, we select a native tree for the month where all online purchases for that month go towards that particular tree.