Made from scratch: Smoothie bowl

 Introducing 'Made from scratch'; our guide to help you create your own.

Making your own food from scratch is one of the most satisfying things to do, so we’ve created a series of fail-proof formulas to help guide you through making some summer staples, exactly how you like them. 

Experimenting with different flavours, ratios and combinations, and using your own taste and instinct is what it’s all about.

Use this build-it-yourself guide as your flavour map for making the perfect smoothie or smoothie bowl, just how you like it.

We promise you, it’s super easy!


Choose one or two from each section: 

Start with fruit

Approx two cups

Frozen banana
Frozen berries
Frozen mango pieces 
Frozen zucchini


Add a protein

Approx two tbsp

Vanilla pea protein powder
Chocolate pea protein powder
Berry adaptogenic superfood powder
Blue vanilla adaptogenic superfood powder


Loosen it up

Approx 1/4 cup

Oat milk
Coconut water


Superfood boost

Approx two tbsp

Acai powder
Spirulina powder
Seed super greens powder


Top it off

To your taste

Chia seeds
Maca nibs
Cacao nibs
Dried edible flowers (coming soon!)



Pick one or two ingredients from each section to your taste, using our guide. Combine and blend together to your preferred consistency. Add more liquid if you would like a smoothie that isn't as thick.

Top with your chosen toppings and enjoy! 

It’s that easy.