4 Ingredient Honeycomb Candy

by Hercules Noble

Makes: 10 bite size piecesPrep time: 15 mins

Good Food, Good Company is our series of easy, delicious recipes from some of our favourite cooks. Food to cook, eat and share in good company.

Hercules Noble, the sourdough and dinner party master, shares his easy recipe for honeycomb candy and without any syrups and refined sugar! 

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Make sure there are no kids around as we’re going to be making a syrup & we don’t want any distractions here.

Line a small baking tray with baking paper. It can help to wet the tray or lightly oil it to keep the baking paper in place. Now grease the lined baking tray with oil or a lightly butter. This stops the honeycomb from sticking to the baking paper.

In a medium to large saucepan, add your coconut sugar, Manuka honey, salt & water. Give it a quick mix before putting on a high heat. Now don’t touch it! Let it do its thing!

Once your mixture comes to the boil it will emulsify and bubble profusely. Please be careful here. Check the temperature using a thermometer. It should really only take 3 - 5 minutes to get to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, once it starts to boil. Do not stir it! Storing it only slows down the process. It can also look a bit dark, almost burnt (see video) but don’t worry, it's fine!

Once it hits 300 degrees Fahrenheit, remove from the heat and whisk in 1 tbsp of baking soda using a whisk or wooden spoon. This is what forms the honeycomb. So be ready for the bubbling syrup to foam up. Hence why we’re using a medium to large saucepan. Only stir for about 5-10 seconds. We don’t want to force out those bubbles! Very carefully pour into your lined tray. And set aside somewhere safe for 2 hours. Don’t touch it! Wait 5 or 10 minutes before chewing on the spoon.

It will continue to bubble and then slowly begin to sink over the next 2 hours. Almost like an under cooked cake. To clean the pot, simply fill with water and bring to the boil. This will effortlessly remove nearly all the honey comb. Easy as.

2 hours later, the honey comb will have set and completely cooled down. Remove from the tray, peal off the baking paper and carefully cut into small portions, or, using the back end of your knife’s handle, a heavy spoon, rolling pin, or anything with a bit of weight to it and crack it into shards.

Optionally, melt your chocolate and butter/oil in a Bain Marie over boiling water. Dip your shards of honeycomb into the melted chocolate and then your toasted sesame seeds, or any other funky topping you fancy. Dried or dehydrated fruits, seeds or spices? Have some fun with it. Leave the chocolate to set for half an hour or so before putting in to an airtight container and leaving in a cool environment or ideally the fridge. The honeycomb may begin to melt if its left in a warm environment.


Honeycomb Candy