Made from scratch: Spice rub

Cook time: 0 minsPrep time: 5 mins

Introducing 'Made from scratch'; our guide to help you create your own.

Making your own food from scratch is one of the most satisfying things to do, so we’ve created a series of fail-proof formulas to help guide you through making some summer staples, exactly how you like them. 

Experimenting with different flavours, ratios and combinations, and using your own taste and instinct is what it’s all about.

Use this build-it-yourself guide as your flavour map for making the perfect spice rub, just how you like it.

We promise you, it’s super easy!

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Choose one or two from each section: 

A salty base

Approx 8 tbsp

Flaky sea salt

Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan white rock salt


Balance it out

Approx six tbsp

Soft brown sugar

Demerara sugar

Rapadura sugar


Select your spices

Approx four tbsp

Ground paprika

Smoked paprika

Chipotle powder

Garlic powder


Make it hot

Approx two tbsp

Cayenne pepper

Ground black pepper

Chilli powder



Pick one or two ingredients from each section to your taste, using our guide.

Add all ingredients to a jar and shake jar well to mix ingredients together. 

Use with your choice of vegetables or protein such as tofu, seafood or any type of meat. Apply a little oil, cover completely with spice rub and cook on the BBQ, in the oven or on your stovetop and enjoy!

It’s that easy.