Are you hunting high & low for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? It can be hard to find a balance between getting Mum a thoughtful gift, without cluttering her space with unneeded items that eventually end up in the bin. Whether she’s a foodie, a health fanatic, an eco-warrior, all or none of the above, this Mother’s Day Gift Guide has something to please them all.


A Superfood Pack

Is your mum needing a little extra nutrition in her life but not sure where to start? Why not give her a little health motivation with a Superfood Pack she can grab & refill as she pleases?

Our pick for the ultimate Superfood Pack would start with a jar of organic pea protein that can not only be added to daily smoothies, but also used in countless recipes for raw treats & baked goods. Just landed, is our Organic Vanilla Sprouted Pea Protein, which is made with premium sprouted & fermented pea protein isolate, vanilla flavouring, coconut milk powder (for the creamy factor) and a little stevia to sweeten it up.

No Superfood Pack can go by that name without a greens powder in the mix. Organic Spirulina Powder is our pick, with a rich content of B vitamins and protein. Matcha powder is another winner here and a beautiful beverage and superfood to introduce your Mama to. A jar of seeds would need to be included, and our pick for this component of the pack would be Organic Black Chia Seeds, known for their rich content of omega-3s and fibre, and their efficiency in supporting the digestive system. And finally, an energising superfood powder for this little pack. Organic Maca Powder is a winner, a teaspoon of this a day may help boost your mama’s energy levels, as well as regulate hormones and provide mental clarity.

To compile your superfood pack as a gift, you can either purchase each of these superfoods as they are, to be delivered in brown paper bags then emptied into jars you already have available at home. (We recommend adding some cute labels to each jar to enhance the look of the pack!) Alternatively, we have a whole range of jars available that you can purchase in addition to your superfoods, and once it all arrives you’re ready to fill and gift!


A Beauty Pack

Not many Mums will say no to a few extra beauty supplies… Particularly when they’re entirely plastic-free!

The Ethique Face Sampler is a lovely trial kit made up of bestselling Ethique face products including Bliss Bar, The Perfector, Saving Face Serum, Gingersnap, and In Your Face. Packaged in a delightful 5-pack box, this makes a wonderful Mother’s Day gift that allows your mum to discover her favourite Ethique face products before committing to the full size.

Similarly, the Ethique Body Sampler is another great gift idea and is filled with bestselling Sweet Orange and Vanilla Créme Bodywash Bar, Lime and Ginger Body Polish, Lavender and Vanilla Glow Solid Deodorant, Coconut & Lime Butter Block, and Pumice, Teatree & Spearmint Bodywash Bar.

Alternatively, check out our Fair & Square handmade soaps, when paired with a wooden soap keeper – these make an easy and well-loved gift!


An Essentials Pack

The range of Reusables can be considered ‘essentials’ in everyone’s life. So if Mum isn’t already the proud owner of at least one product from our range, Mother’s Day is the perfect timing to make sure she is! Firstly, a Lifetime Bottle is an absolute essential – giving her a practical solution for avoiding plastic bottles while still having water readily available.

The Ceramic Travel Tumbler Cup is another way to help your Mum stay eco-friendly without sacrificing on her tea/coffee habits. This beautiful handmade ceramic clay cup has been lovingly made right here in Auckland. You could also fill one of these with choccies or macaroons as an extra treat!

If your Mum is not yet converted to a bamboo toothbrush, now’s a good time to encourage the change! Our Eco Brush is made with soft bristles and bamboo making it 100% compostable. Make it travel-happy with an Eco Brush Travel Case for those long road trips or plane rides.


A Tea Pack

What Mum doesn’t love a hot cuppa over chats with the family? For the tea-loving Mums, we have a whole host of unique loose leaf tea flavours – from Ginger Lemon Kiss and Organic Egyptian Chamomile, to Peppermint Flower Energizer and Pure Raspberry Leaf – we have the lot! Fill up some jars with a few different tea flavours and add one of our beautiful Glass Teapots to the gift pack so tea party’s a go!


A Treat Pack

Every Mum loves treats and we have something for everyone – the more indulgent of chocolates or the healthier varieties for those who are more health-conscious.

Fill up bags with chocolates, macaroons or bliss balls (which can be found in store) and load them into cute jars at home. Or fill up one of our ceramic travel tumblers and give her a cute surprise.