The first steps to sustainable transport

After decades and decades of people saying it couldn’t be done, the ‘electric car myth’ has finally been debunked. It’s now been shown that it is possible, which has set in motion what will be a fascinating transformation in our global transport systems. The huge ground swell of public enthusiasm and support has meant that the biggest names in the industry have switched their focus and we are starting to see some great options enter the market for the early adopters.

We are passionate about electric cars here at GoodFor and listed below are our favourites we’ve seen so far:

Low Cost – Low Range

If you are a huge fan of electric vehicles but everything you have seen is just not quite within reach financially, Nissan has developed a great little runaround hatch back which might be just what you’re looking for. The 2017 Leaf has a range of up to 172km which is perfect for everyday travel around the city and for short weekend trips. It will take a few hours to full charge, but if you have the set up at home you can plug it in overnight and it’s good to go when you’re awake.

Medium Cost – Long Range / Hybrid

If you are wanting something with a bit more range that you can take away for the weekends and not have to worry about recharging, then the new MINI Countryman Hybrid is the way to go. This is a hybrid which has an electric engine which is perfect for trips to and from work in the city, but it also has a petrol engine to extend it’s range to over 500km so it is perfect for the weekend trips to the bach also. It’s the biggest MINI yet so space is not an issue and it has that MINI go kart feeling which makes it super fun to drive. This is the car we are currently using as our delivery vehicle and we absolutely love it. It’s the perfect transition car for us while we wait for a fully electric alternative in our price range. The exciting news is that MINI are currently developing a fully electric car which will be released in early 2019.

High Price – Long Range

Finally, if cost is no barrier to you then the best option available in electric vehicles is the Tesla Model S or Model X. Founded by Elon Musk, Tesla was the company that debunked the myths about electric cars and built the first ever desirable car with a range of around 500km. These cars are a genuine feat in engineering and although we haven’t been able to drive one ourselves yet. We do like the look of them.


By Paul Denton