Every single day we hear about new and dramatic problems we are facing as a planet. Whether it be the destruction of the environment or the economy, a major political scandal or the coming of world war three; the reality is ‘the news sucks’!

At GoodFor we are all about solutions, not problems. That’s why we thought it was about time to ignore all the negative noise and focus on the energetic and empowering noise being made by awesome people all around the world.

Below are the coolest reasons we found to stay positive and excited about the future:

Politicians all over the world are stepping up (even if some key ones aren’t) and the political will is being developed to start tackling environmental problems seriously. From the Germans and Chinese leading the shift to renewable energy sources to the lower-level leaders in the US standing up to their federal government – see these links below to learn more:

This new political will is being developed by the conversation shifting amongst those with power. Political will comes about when the public demands it, and this demand is being generated by powerful voices brilliantly communicating the problem to help educate the masses. The best we’ve seen so far, a doco by National Geographic and Leonardo Dicaprio ‘Before the Flood’ – a must see! You can watch the trailer here. You can usually find a link to watch the full movie with a pretty simple Google search.

Then there is the new advancements in technology leading to reduced prices in renewable energy that will make a sustainable future look achievable. Learn more here: 

Even some conservative republicans are speaking up – here is a really interesting idea from a team of conservative republicans (and backed by Stephen Hawking), which could be a major catalyst for policy change in the US. Learn more here.

The way we see it, although we may be living in incredibly uncertain times, facing some of the greatest challenges; we are also going through an incredible period of change. A technological revolution like we’ve never seen before. All of a sudden, a lot of ideas we once thought impossible are suddenly looking very possible. Let’s get behind the people who are looking to create positive change, and try to focus on the good news. Maybe one day soon, the news networks will follow suit!


Published by Paul Denton