When it comes to living a life with less waste, we like to think we can help. We are doing our very best to create a space that provides a package-free shopping experience, as well as a place to inspire you to live a waste-free life. There are so many incredible products on the market now that are super high quality, durable and last a long time – plus they’re generally made with sustainable and ethical practices to begin with.

When making the transition to a waste-free life, these are our top picks for helpful products…

1. KeepCup

One that we can’t live without. It’s almost heartbreaking to see someone get their daily cuppa joe in a takeaway cup that’s quickly thrown in the trash right after they’re done. A KeepCup is a stylish and affordable option that you will feel good using everyday. Easy to clean and seamless to drink from. Purchase yours here.

2. LifeTime Bottle

You’d be crazy to still be using a plastic drink bottle with so many amazing reusable options out there. Getting a LifeTime Bottle means you have the ability to keep your liquid both cold and hot, depending on your preference (and the season). These guys come in four different colours and will genuinely last you a lifetime! Get yours here.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

Having a fun collection of reusable shopping bags to use makes it more likely that you will use them and remember to take them shopping with you. It’s a good idea to keep these bags in several different places to avoid disappointment when you forget them. We suggest popping them in your glove box in the car, in your daily handbag/man-bag, at your work desk and several in your home (perhaps in the kitchen or beside the front door). These are great to take clothing shopping also. Check out our range here.

4. Bamboo Toothbrush

These little gems are a super easy transition to reducing waste in the bathroom. They are comfortable to hold, have a good base of bristles and are light to travel with. At the end of their life you can simply remove the head or bristles and compost the handle. Try these by Go Bamboo.

5. Honey Wrap

We are big converts to this stuff. If you’re still using plastic wrap or glad wrap in your home to cover leftovers or wrap sandwiches or cheese, you need to think again! These beautiful smelling honey wraps made from beeswax are great. They keep things super fresh and are easy to clean. Simply rinse in a little cool soapy water between uses. Try these ones here.

6. Stainless Steel Straw

It needs to become a habit that sticks, but refusing the straw is a great place to start. Any time you’re out and about, eating out or ordering out, remember to say “No straw please!”. Plastic straws are having devastating effects in the environment, particularly in the ocean where they are harming our beautiful sea life. Everyone can keep a stainless steel straw in their handbag or in their car. Try these by Caliwoods.

7. Reusable Portable Cutlery Set

Another fun one to travel with, these portable cutlery sets allow you the freedom to say NO to plastic cutlery when ordering takeaways or when you’re having a spontaneous picnic. Kept in a stylish cotton pouch, you will have a bamboo set on hand at all times and will be the envy of your friends. No one wants to be seen using plastic cutlery! Check out this portable pack here.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, have you got any go-to products that have helped your transition to reducing waste in your life?