We couldn't be more excited to have three new cookies from the best in the biz Franjo's Kitchen available in-stores and online now.

Franjo’s Kitchen simply started from a conversation between two friends Fran and Jo back in 2014. Fran was worried that her baby Phoebe wasn’t gaining enough weight so she decided to try a recipe for lactation biscuits and after baking a few batches, they were working a treat.

It was then that Fran had her ‘lightbulb’ moment. She thought – why can’t Jo use her naturopath knowledge to make a healthier version of my lactation biscuits? So she called Jo and said “I’ve got a business idea” and that’s how it all began...

Franjos Cookies

Here’s a quick rundown on which cookies we're stocking and everything you need to know...

Mama’s Cookies - Choc Chip

Naturopath formulated and specifically designed to help lift mums energy levels and support a healthy milk supply when breastfeeding. They contain galactagogues (galacta-what?) - simply just a substance which is known to naturally boost breast milk. The three main galactagogues in these cookies are oats, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed meal. These three foods have been advocated by midwives, lactations consultants and have been used by mums for hundreds of years. They’re also free from dairy and eggs and don’t contain any refined sugar, additives or preservatives.

Most mums see a boost in their supply around 4 hours after they eat 2-4 cookies in one sitting (not spread out over the day.) Mama’s cookies are a great, healthier snack option to help mama's navigate the beautiful yet bumpy road of breastfeeding and motherhood.

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Franjo's Cookies Lactation GoodFor

Bump Cookies - Ginger & Apricot 

‘Bump’ cookies - Designed as a healthier alternative to support pregnant mamas through a happy and healthy pregnancy. The hero ingredients of these are encased in a delicious blend of pumpkin kernels, flaxseeds and organic spelt flour. They’re free from dairy and eggs and also don’t contain any refined sugar, additives or preservatives. They’re absolutely delicious and you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy them! 

Some customers have even said they're "the perfect tummy settling snack". 

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Bump Franjo's Cookies GoodFor

Lunchbox Cookies - Vanilla & Chia

The perfect, wholesome snack when you don’t have time to bake at home yourself! Great to add to kids lunchboxes - they’re free from nuts, eggs, dairy and don’t contain any refined white sugar or artificial flavours. 

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Lunchbox Cookies GoodFor

We'd love your feedback so let us know if you've tried them and what you think.