What is collagen? 

Many of us have probably heard of collagen before. It’s been gaining popularity across the world due to its ability to support skin, hair and nail health from the inside out; as well as supporting gut and joint health. 

Collagen occurs naturally in humans (meaning that we make it ourselves), and is the most abundant protein within the body. However, over time (and research shows after the age of 30) the body’s natural collagen production starts to decline. Consuming collagen helps the body to replenish and restore its collagen reserves; afterall, we are what we eat.


But does it really work? 

Collagen is one of the main substances naturally found in the skin, and plays a large role in the skin’s health and there’s actually a growing pile of pretty good research showing that yes, taking collagen is a legitimate way to support your skin. It’s performing well against placebos in trials, demonstrating its ability to support aspects of skin health such as elasticity, hydration and youthfulness.

What and who is collagen for? 

Collagen is for anyone who wants to nurture their gut health, joints and skin; hair and nail health. Collagen is one of the amino acids found in bone broth. It's thanks to these amino acids that this wonderful brew has become renowned for its ability to help soothe, heal and seal the gut. 

Collagen has also been shown to: 

  • Boost skin elasticity and hydration

  • Help protect your skin from UV rays

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Support fine joints

Where does it come from?

After researching this topic for the majority of 2020, we're excited to partner with Beauty Ceutical Co (BCC), a New Zealand based company who source bovine collagen from Brazil, oats from Australia and produce their own creamers here in New Zealand. We're currently stocking their vanilla and caramel collagen creamers. For more information on BCC and bovine collagen, check out their sustainability report here.

How to use it. 

BBC collagen creamers are super convenient and easy to use. Just add a tablespoon to water and mix to use as a milk substitute. Or add to coffee, hot cacao, a matcha or turmeric latte or any hot or iced drink. Alternatively, you can pop a tablespoon into your morning smoothie, or use it in baking. 

Collagen Creamer

What to look out for in a good collagen:


Ideally you want to be getting 10g collagen per serve. You can get this from BCC collagen creamer by using 1 heaped tablespoons of the good stuff. 

Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides are a smaller, more broken down form of collagen molecules. This makes them much easier for the body to absorb, process and use. BCC collagen creamer uses high quality collagen peptides to help your body get the best out of this amazing amino acid. Worth nothing that the promising studies that have been done on collagen were all done using collagen peptides as the form of collagen. 

Low Molecular Weight

When collagen is hydrolyzed (broken down) into collagen peptides, it’s more easily used by the body because the smaller the molecule, the easier it is to absorb. BCC collagen creamers use collagen peptides with a low molecular weight, so they can be better synthesised by the body.


Collagen is an animal product, so honesty from the company you are purchasing from about their sourcing and what their suppliers do to safeguard animal wellbeing and ethics is key. For further information on this, check out Beauty Ceutical Co sustainability report here.