Want to be the hostess with the most-est this festive season? Whether you’re thinking a big family Christmas or dreaming up a more intimate dinner party with a few close friends or colleagues, get our guide on how to host an eco-friendly dinner party. This is intended to help you get through this super social period and out the other end with minimal waste…

Ditch Disposable Tableware

While festive disposable tableware is tempting for the easy clean-up factor, it’s not the ideal choice when trying to minimise waste. For your eco-friendly dinner party, ditch the paper or plastic disposables that will inevitably end up in landfill. Instead, use your own everyday dinnerware or if you must use disposables, look for biodegradable or compostable varieties such as corn or potatoes. Using your own chinaware, washable napkins and placemats is not only an eco-friendly choice, it also heightens the whole dinner party experience. You may even take things up a notch with a set of fancy china reserved for special occasions only…

Avoiding plastic dinnerware is also a preferable choice for your health. Research has shown that BPA, a chemical commonly found in hard plastics, may have an influence on your natural hormone levels (read more about the impact of plastic on hormones here). Plastics have been found to leak these chemicals into foods after being heated or when serving extremely hot foods.

Buy Bulk, Seasonal & Local

Make a list of all the ingredients you need for your party before setting off to purchase everything possible in bulk. Once your dried foods are stocked from GoodFor (or you’ve placed your online order), think about shopping for fresh produce at your local Farmers’ Market. Local produce is good for your health and for the environment too – the shorter distance your food has to travel from farm to table, the less carbon will be emitted into the atmosphere. And of course when you’re out shopping, don’t forget your reusable bags!

Upcycle Decorations

Instead of buying decorations for single-use, get creative with what you already have! Upcycle old glass jars to vases to decorate the table. Fill them with flowers, foliage or herbs from your own garden. Otherwise grab some seasonal blooms from your local market or florist. Feeling a little fancy? Crank up the formalities with handmade cardboard place cards that can be recycled after use.

Use Au Naturel Aromatherapy

Nothing beats a candescent glow for creating a warm and inviting ambience. When lighting up, stay away from paraffin wax candles, which may release harmful toxins into the surrounding air. Instead, set the mood with petroleum-free, natural wax candles like soy or beeswax.

Healthy Happy Hour

Nothing says “party” like a well-stocked bar. The next time you offer a drink to your guests, provide options that are not chock full of calories, chemicals and preservatives. Instead, roll out the organic cocktails or mocktails! Search for organic liquors and mix with filtered water or sparkling water, then your choice of fresh fruit and herbs. YUM! Also from the bar, corked organic wine is an eco-friendly option. Once empty, you can reuse your wine bottles as vases around the house, or as water bottles to keep in the fridge.

Dinner Party Recipes

Stuck on what to make for your guests, taking into account all dietary requirements and taste preferences? Look no further than our extensive food blog with many colourful and delicious whole food recipes that are sure to please the crowds!