Other Legendary Companies

At GoodFor, we focus on offering an amazing service and experience for those who want to stop creating food and packaging waste in their home pantry so that we can work towards actual sustainability. We make every choice based on how it affects the natural environment. There are other companies out there that have similar values but with a different mission and focus and we want to make sure you all know who they are and what they do, so that you can make even more sustainable choices.


  • Create small-batch, premium quality kombucha
  • Handcraft their own organic, unique tea blend
  • Use organic fruit & vegetables, never from concentrate 
  • Low in sugar and free from stevia & erythritol
  • Bottle in amber glass bottles 
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We Compost

  • Collects your food waste directly from your house or business
  • Since 2012, they have saved over 8 million kg of waste entering landfill
  • Contributes to carbon emission reductions 
  • Manages the entire process so it's easy for you
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Bay Rd

  • Fresh roasted, not pre roasted.
  • Fully reusable glass jars with screen-printed labels.
  • Carbon zero business operation.
  • Return your empty jars to any GoodFor store
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