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Effortless subscription

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We will provide the jars for your first order, which you can keep as a deposit while you remain on our subscription service. Your first jars will be provided by us according to the below:

  • Each Big Boy serving you select = x1 Big Boy Jar (3.8L)
  • Each Big Boy serving you select = x1 Fat Boy Jar (1.8L)
  • Each Taster snack you select = x1 home compostable ziplock bag OR x1 jar in suitable size

Each subscription delivery following your first order will be sent to you in our 100% home compostable zip lock bags. We recommend you decant your snacks into our jars to keep them fresh.

If you need extra jars, or would like to use our Baby Jars as serving bowls, please contact us or purchase them via our website here.

Each jar will come with corresponding GoodFor sticker labels, so your team know what each snack is, and if it's in line with their dietary requirements e.g. gluten-friendly, vegan etc.

Not sure how much to order? We can help you with how much you need based on your office size. Email us at and we’ll help you figure it out!

Once your snacks subscription is set up, you can easily change your snacks, quantity, the day you receive it and your address.

When you set up your subscription, your first order will be sent straight away and will recur on the same day, unless you change the date. You can only change the date once you have set-up your subscription.

You will be charged for your recurring orders the day we dispatch it, excluding those made on a Friday, which will be charged on Friday and dispatched on Monday.

Our standard shipping applies to all Company Snacking orders, read more here. Same day delivery within Central Auckland, approx 1-3 days for rest of the country.

If you need any help from us, our team are always free to help you out. You can email us at

“The team are loving this so much and its awesome how much plastic we have eliminated.”

Big Boy Serving (3.8L)

For medium - larger teams
Receive the jar for free with each snack on your first order.

Fat Boy Serving (1.8L)

For small - medium teams
Receive the jar for free with each snack on your first order.

Future orders

Your following orders come in these 100% home compostable zip lock bags.

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