Since the last episode of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II aired back in June, the “Blue Planet II Effect” has swept the world, growing awareness around the shocking impact plastic pollution is having on our oceans. This awareness has resulted in consumer attitudes shifting from a throw-away society to one that is far more focussed on sustainability, prolonging the life of products and making the most of resources in a bid to preserve our planet for many future generations to come.

Blue Planet II was the most watched television programme of 2017, attracting global attention in highlighting the damaging impact single-use plastic is having on the world’s oceans and environment. Sir David Attenborough himself has been “absolutely astonished” at the worldwide impact of Blue Planet II. He says, “I never imagined there would be so many inspired to want change” as he calls for public participation on reducing plastic waste.

The Blue Planet II series reached over 37 million people in the UK only, with 62% of those surveyed saying they want to make changes in their daily lives to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. A further 78% of surveyed UK audiences said that Blue Planet II made them more conscious of conservation. The public has been driven to act, as seen by significant increases in internet searches such as ‘dangers of plastic in the ocean’ and ‘plastic recycling. The societal impact of Blue Planet II has been wide reaching, with plastics becoming both a national and political talking point all over the world.

Sir David Attenborough says, “We hoped that Blue Planet II would open people’s eyes to the damage that we are doing to our oceans and the creatures that live in them… The strength of your response has not gone unnoticed in the corridors of power, or in business boardrooms. The actions of any just one of us may seem to be trivial and to have no effect. But the knowledge that there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who are doing the same thing – that really does have an effect – so please join us.”