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We’ve teamed up with a few of our favourite conscious adventurers and photographers who love to explore our beautiful country. They’ve each shared an incredible New Zealand spot that’s special to them and what you need to know to get there too. Let’s get into it....


Meet Amy. 

She’s an adventurer, artist, photographer, surfer and coffee lover based out of Piha in Auckland. She enjoys exploring her beautiful home on the West Coast, and feels very lucky to be able to truthfully say that her favourite place to adventure in New Zealand is her own backyard.

Piha Yoga

“Living out in Piha the last almost 4 years you'd think I would have explored every corner of this beautiful slice of the west coast. But that's part of the charm of Piha, you can live here for a lifetime and still find new places. One of my favourite things to do is pack up a backpack, take some snacks and my reusable bottle and just walk, sometimes for hours. Even spots I always go back to can look completely different based on the weather, time of day or tide. For that reason I don't think I'll ever get tired of exploring this place.” 

Amy’s favourite spot: Piha, Auckland

Called the gap or also known as ‘The Lagoon’ - Accessed via the Tasman lookout track which takes you over the hill to this spot. You can also walk around at a mid-low tide on the beach, but the walk over offers one of the most beautiful views of Lion rock and South Piha Beach. Maybe this is the reason why Lion rock has its name as you can really see the "Lion" from that particular angle. You’ll lose yourself for hours just sitting and watching the waves there - one to explore this Summer for sure!


Meet Seb.

He’s an Auckland based video producer and photographer who loves to help people share their story. We’re currently working with Seb on a very special project and we can’t wait to share it with you all next year!

Seb’s favourite spot: Victoria Hut, Mt Ruapehu 

Victoria Hut is a recently renovated ski cabin and a short walk (10-15 minutes) up the mountain from the Whakapapa Ski Field car park. It’s recommended to take hiking boots or shoes appropriate for walking in snow. Accommodation can be booked through the Victoria Hut website.

Vic Hut

“There are a couple of special things about Victoria Hut. Being based on the mountain means you can wake up and ski out onto the slopes. On clear days, you can look out to Mount Ngauruhoe in the East and Mount Taranaki in the West. You also get beautiful sunsets and views of the milky way at night.”

Vic Hut

Meet Viktoria.

Originally from the Northern suburbs of Chicago, Tori moved to Wellington in 2015 with her fiance Ryan where they instantly felt at home. They love exploring Aotearoa and do so with their 2 year old daughter in a rusty ole campervan. How cool is that?


Tori’s favourite spot: Castlepoint, Wellington

“One of my favourite hidden adventure getaways is a place called Castlepoint located in the Wairarapa. From Wellington, it's a long, windy 2.5-hour drive to this coastal haven where cell reception is limited and time slows down. It's an edge-of-the-world type of vibe, home to a beautiful beach cove, iconic lighthouse and where staggering cliffs meet the wild sea. Camp at the beach and hike the Deliverance Cove track, an easy 90mins return or for the more advanced hikers, climb to the top of Castle Rock for a spectacular 360 view. It's a place where you forget about the rest of the world and a place that makes you feel alive, making it one of my favourite summer spots in New Zealand."

Castlepoint Wellington

Meet Gabriella

Ella is a freelance photographer based in Auckland and is also diving into the world of documentary film making. Her involvement with kiwi organisation Project Blue has been taking her around both New Zealand and Malaysia to tackle plastic pollution. Their film will be released early next year so definitely one to watch out for - we can’t wait to see it.

Ella’s favourite spot: Kapowairua (Spirits Bay), near Cape Reinga.

“You take a long gravel road on the East Coast just shy of Cape Reinga. There are no stores or proper facilities other than long drops and showers so you need to bring all your own cooking equipment and take all your rubbish away with you... easy if you shop at GoodFor!

During sunset, you'll see wild horses galloping around an extremely aesthetically pleasing mountain and I've often seen fish swim through the clear barrels of waves.”

Spirits Bay


Meet Jess.

Born and raised in the mighty Waikato - a physiotherapist and photographer who loves to capture and share her passion for the outdoors, with the hopes of inspiring others to get out and enjoy their own backyards. 

Lifetime Bottles

Jess’s favourite spot: Tama Lakes

If you already read Seb’s post above and you’re keen to check out the Mt Ruapehu area, you might also want to add this spot to the list.

The start of the track has the option to go both via an upper and lower loop which go via Taranaki Falls and onto Tama Lakes. The track is located on the road behind the Chateau.

It’s a 17 km return walk via the same track (4-6 hours return). The track is undulating and suits various levels of ability (moderate fitness required), if 17km is too far – a good option is to just walk to the falls (6km loop) which still gives you great views and is relatively flat.

Tama Lakes

“This location is one of my favourites as it is great all year round and you get incredible/rewarding views of both Mount Ngauruhoe and Mount Ruapehu after completing a decent hike. Key tip is to stay at this spot for sunset, I can guarantee there won’t be many others joining you and you will get some of the most surreal views on a clear day (just make sure you pack the correct gear as mountain weather can rapidly change).”

We hope you're feeling as inspired as we are to get out and explore our beautiful country!