Download Your Boarding Pass

If you, or one of your travel companions, owns a smartphone then you can download your e-boarding pass to save printing out unnecessary paper. An absolute no brainer!

Pack Light

Bag tags that accompany checked baggage are wasteful. Invest in a bag tag that’ll last the distance and be used for a life time. Otherwise, keep your luggage to a minimum so it can be stored in the overhead lockers without the need for bag tags. Get creative with your luggage, pack versatile clothing and shoes, plan what you need in advance. Not only is this a great waste-free travelling tip, it’ll also cut time off your journey as you won’t need to wait for your bag to be unloaded from underneath the plane.

Reusable Napkins & Bags

Reusable napkins and bags are multi-purpose and useful when traveling. Wrap up food, clean your face, carry around extra items; be sure to keep your napkins and bags on you at all times so you’re never forced to opt for disposables.

Pack a Snack or Two

Airports and airlines don’t offer the most extensive range of whole foods, so why not take your own? Pack a snack or 2 (or 3) so that when your flight attendant offers up cassava crisps and cookie times, you can whip out your own snacks. Not only is this a great way to stay nourished, but there’s also no way to tell whether the airline is going to separate food waste and recycle the packaging from snacks they provide… So you can avoid adding to this waste.

Empty Water Bottle

The key word here is “empty”. You won’t be allowed through security with a full water bottle and ideally you don’t want to have to chug a whole bottle back when security stops you. After you’re through security, fill your bottle back up again at a water fountain or cafe.

Bamboo Cutlery Set

On a long haul flight where you’ll be wanting a meal at some point, make sure your bamboo cutlery set is on hand and ready to go. These usually come in a cotton bag, for easy storing in your handbag.  Plastic cutlery is an easy one to avoid.


Travelling can get pretty boring, particularly if you’re flying solo. Pre-download podcasts on your phone or make sure your Kindle is well prepared with some good reads. If you’re more of a hard copy book type, opt for second-hand or a loan from the library. There’s no need to buy a pile of trashy magazines that’ll get chucked out on arrival anyway. If you’re feeling it, find a quiet space at the airport to stretch or meditate. Make the most of your downtime by preparing to enjoy it.

BYO Blanket & Eye Mask

We all know it can get pretty chilly on long haul flights, pack an extra blanket or shawl that you can throw over once the chill sets in… the airline blankets are generally packed in individual plastic wraps for hygiene – so this way you’ll avoid another wasteful packet. Same goes for eye masks, invest in one that you can use over and over rather than accepting a disposable one from the airline. It all counts!