GoodFor Takapuna is one of our three Auckland refillery stores that stocks our entire range of wholefoods, snacks, plastic-free homewares and a range of local grocery items. You'll also find our EcoStore refillery stations here, alongside a selection of oils, syrups and vinegars that are exclusively available in-store only. 

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Goodfor takapuna 

Where we are

360 Lake Road, Takapuna

GoodFor Takapuna is on the corner of Lake Road and Cameron Street. So close to the beach, and with Winsome Coffee as neighbours, it’s quite the little hotspot during summer. We have parking right outside our store, so you can bring in as many jars as you can carry, and some!


Meet the team

Grace is the Store Leader at our Takapuna store, she’s been with us since mid 2022. The Taka store is made up of a friendly, self-sufficient team that's always willing to help out with anything!

With a mix of personalities, our team all bring something unique to the store. We have Kirsten, Gabby and Tyler doing most of the Weekday shifts with Veronique sprinkled in, as well as looking after the store on Saturdays with the lovely Isla, and of course our amazing Sunday Team of Klara and Miriam. 

Grace, goodfor takapuna store leader

Grace, our GoodFor Takapuna Store Leader. 


Community favourites

Here's what our Takapuna customers are currently loving...


In-store experiences

  • Fresh bread daily from local Auckland bakery Wild Wheat. We stock a range of their sourdough loaves and baguettes. if you're visiting for fresh bread on the weekend, make sure you get in early!
  • Grind your own coffee. There's nothing like the smell of fresh coffee, and grinding your own makes the in-store experience all the more wholesome.

  • Kokako cold brew coffee on tap. Perfect as a pick-me-up on a sunny day. We have our regulars that love our cold brew and keep our supply fresh! 
  • Refill Maple syrup on tap. Our customers love Maple Syrup so much that we've created a dedicated station with our own custom tap. 


refill maple syrup on tap


Visit us in-store

We're open 7 days a week.
You can call us anytime within store hours on (09) 4860760, or visit us between the following hours:

10am-6pm weekdays
10am-5pm weekends

Find us on Google maps here.