What GoodFor doesn’t have, your local farmer’s market probably does! From fresh fruit & veg through to fish, meat, bread, cheese, eggs and milk. It’s no surprise to any GoodFor follower that we are big fans of stocking up on fresh produce at our local market, La Cigale, right next to our Parnell store. Between GoodFor and the La Cigale markets, we can stock our pantry and fridge with all the nutritious, whole foods we need for the week minus the unnecessary packaging.

While food markets are mainly progressive with minimising packaging, plastic can still sometimes sneak its way into market shops. Here are our top waste-free hacks for shopping at the farmer’s market without any plastic:

BYO Bags

If you’re anything like us, a shop at the farmer’s market is never a small one and reusable bags are a non-negotiable. Large items like cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant and bunches of greens can go straight into large reusable bags, while you can use smaller reusable bags to hold any loose small items, such as onions, potatoes and fruit. Don’t catch yourself shopping without reusable bags – keep them not only in your home, but also in handy places like your glove box, gym bag or office drawer so you can reach for them whenever a food shop is on the radar. We have a range of small and large reusable bags to make your food shopping efficient and, of course, plastic-free…

If you’re just starting a reusable bag collection, The Ever Eco Mixed Cotton Bags Set is the perfect start – a 4 pack set containing 2 x muslin bags and 2 x net bags, all with sturdy drawstring closure to keep your items secure. They’re made from GOTS certified organic cotton and will last for many a pantry stock-up. For a kit of larger reusable bags only, the Ever Eco Muslin Produce Bags Set is a pack of 4 large bags to hold your bigger items. Our Organic Cotton Market Bags are decent sized shoulder bags to hold a full shop, and can double as a gym or beach bag when not carrying food. We also have 100% Calico Cotton Bags that are nice and roomie, with punchy slogans. All of these bags are intended to be reused over and over again.

Reuse Containers

For more delicate items you’d buy at the markets, like berries or eggs, take along one of your containers or jars from home. If you have old egg cartons, take them back and have them replenished with a fresh batch, or if you’ve purchased items in containers previously, hold onto these to reuse.

Pay With Cash

To avoid receipts, choose to pay for your market purchases with cash. Grab some cash out on your way there. This way you might also be incentivised to stay within a specific budget.

Use Cotton Reusables or Napkins

When shopping for fresh bread (or perhaps a cheeky morning croissant), reuse napkins or clean cotton reusables you already have at home. If you’re planning on eating it right away, no packaging required! Or invest in one of our organic cotton Bread Bags.

Reusable Coffee Cup

No weekend market trip is complete without a coffee, so don’t forget your reusable coffee cup! Not to mention the extra bonus of most coffee shops/stall holders offering discounted coffee when you BYO cup. The Medium KeepCup can tuck away inside your handbag or market tote bag without stealing too much space, and it’s easy to carry around once filled with coffee, with its secure lid and natural cork holder – specifically designed for drinking coffee on-the-go.

Look extra stylish with our new Ceramic Travel Tumbler Cup, a lovingly handmade ceramic clay cup that is also ideal for grab-and-go coffee with a fitting, leak-proof silicon lid.

Images: @thisislagom

Have you got any more tips to add? Let us know!