Easter is a beautiful time of year that brings family and friends together; a chance to celebrate the change of season as well as feast together on hot cross buns, chocolate and create tradition, particularly for children.  Many of us will be tempted to buy copious amounts of chocolate, but the problem is many are wrapped in foil and plastic – which all ends up in landfill.

This year could be different, how about adopting a more sustainable and ethical mindset around Easter?

1. Choose your chocolate wisely

Look for loose options of chocolate that come package-free where possible. Also important to look for locally-made (NZ has many options), palm oil free and fair trade. Here are some great options!

 2. Get the good buns

Look for bakeries that sell hot cross buns in bulk so you can buy loose in a box, a paper bag or in your own bread bag, rather than wrapped in plastic! These will likely taste better, be made with quality ingredients and prevent the dreaded plastic waste. Our favourites are from Daily Bread or Little & Friday here in Auckland!

*Image- Daily Bread 

3. What’s the go with foil wrappers

These can be recycled in certain areas if clean, but if you’re unsure the best thing to do is collect all the foil together, press and compact it into one large ball and then find out if your local council will recycle.

4. Make it fun

Avoid over-consumption by getting outside, organise a big easter egg hunt or a treasure hunt that keeps children and adults outside and moving for as long as possible. Encourage outside games or beach walks to start different traditions rather than just lounging and eating choccie.

5. Keep the feast nourishing

An easter feast is different in every home, but it’s a good idea to start a tradition of a (more) healthy feast. Get everyone involved in the cooking and enjoy the slow process of making meals from scratch…get some recipes up (like these) and treat your loved ones to a tasty and wholesome meal.