Introducing our sustainable friend of the month, Hannah Jensen…

“Hey I’m Hannah, a powerhouse of positive energy and lover of life; inspired by nature and full-time creator. My passion is carving which is done into layers of paint, prepped first onto boards with up to 70 coats before slicing back through the layers to reveal the different colours. I have recently moved to Christchurch after spending the last 3 decades in Auckland and it’s amazing to now be a homeowner for the first time! My partner and I move into our little beachside bach in January and I think one of the most exciting things we are looking forward to is having a compost and a packed pantry with all our favourite products”.

1. When did you get introduced to the idea of sustainability?

I got introduced to the idea of sustainability at about the age of 9. I remember there was a drought in Auckland and mum was doing everything in her power for us to save water. We had short showers surrounded with buckets and collected all the rinse-cycle water from the washing machine to water the garden. It is since then, learning the resourceful skills from my amazing mum that I am well aware of how to make things last, to buy well and to know what you’re buying!

2. What is it about sustainable living that interests you the most?

Sustainable living isn’t just great for our environment it is also great for our souls, it pushes us to make better choices, think innovatively and think together, creating a community around you that also think similarly, which in the end makes it easy to be a thoughtful human, because you are supported by mindful souls.

3. What’s one thing you’ve done to reduce waste in your home?

Reducing waste in our home means buying less packaged goods in the first place; reusable bags, shopping locally and using the bulk stores to shop at with your own containers. All of which I can’t wait to do more of when we move into our first home!

4. What’s one zero-waste item you can’t travel without?

Best zero-waste item for us having traveled to 7 countries in the last few months is our water bottles! We always have our water bottles on us for day trips in the car or any long-distance travel.

5. What’s one thing everyone can do today to make a difference?

Everyone can start using less coffee cups, take a mug from home, buy a Keep Cup or just sit down for 3 minutes and have a coffee with yourself. You might read a paper or chat with someone you wouldn’t have otherwise.

6. What’s your idea of the perfect package-free pantry?

Our perfect package-free pantry is only just around the corner!!! We have actually been dreaming of our pantry for a long time, crazy but true, we are both super foodies and love cooking but as we have been doing long distance for 2 years and living with our parents either end, it’s been hard to create our own space to do so. But it’s all been worth it, our pantry will be filled with pulses and flours, spices and nuts to create yum things with!

7. Are you a glass jar or a tupperware kind of person?

Between glass jars and tupperware, I loved to say glass jars only, but we already have a pile of tupperware and it will be used until it really does fall apart. Both are handy, but we will be reducing plastics more in our home.

8.What is your favourite ingredient from the GoodFor store to cook with?

I love nuts! As we are plant-based, nuts are delicious snacks and also add great texture to salads, curries, pasta or any meal really.

Connect with Hannah and make sure you check out her incredible art!