Organic Figs Whole Dried


Dried figs are lusciously sweet with a texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh with the crunchiness of their seeds. These Turkish grown dried fruits can be described as moist and succulent with a nut-like flavour. The glucose, which crystallises and creates a dull surface with its granules, works to naturally preserve the figs. With no added sulphites or preservatives, dried figs make a great anytime snack or addition many sweet and savoury recipes.


Organic dried figs are the perfect size for an anytime snack, either eaten on their own or dipped into a lovely nut butter or homemade jam. Roughly chop whole dried figs to sprinkle over granola, muesli, porridge or yoghurt, or to combine with nuts and seeds into a scroggin mixture. Use figs in wholefood recipes for energy bars, bliss balls, muffins and loaves. These Raw Doughnuts showcase a unique use of figs in a healthy take on the classic doughnut recipe.


Ingredients: Organic Figs

Allergens: No known allergens.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months when stored as above.

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