Organic Bulghur Wheat Coarse


Centuries of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures have used bulghur wheat as a dietary staple. Bulghur wheat is basically wheat that has been cleaned, par-boiled and dried. It has more dietary fibre but a lower GI load than both white rice and couscous. Furthermore, because it is pre-cooked it naturally resists mould, contamination and insects, making it an appealing option to keep in the pantry as a staple.


Forget two-minute noodles and microwave rice; bulghur wheat is the original instant food that is a lot more clean and nourishing than the aforementioned. All you need to do is soak it in some boiling water and it’s immediately ready to eat. Bulghur wheat is a traditional base ingredient in tabbouleh alongside parsley, tomato and lemon juice. It can also be added to soups and stews to thicken them up and provide a bit more filling. Bulghur wheat can be used as a substitute for rice in many dishes and can also be added to falafel and veggie burger patties. Another great use of bulghur wheat is in pilaf and for stuffing vegetables, or as a more nutritious version of the traditional chicken or turkey stuffing.


Ingredients: Organic Bulghur Wheat

Allergens: This product contains gluten.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months when stored as above.

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