Green French Lentils


These French style green lentils have been sourced from Canada and provide a robust flavour and texture addition to meals. They are small, olive-coloured legumes with an earthy, almost peppery flavour and smell. This style of lentil doesn’t require pre-soaking and therefore is quick to cook within 30 minutes and full of nutrition. The other great benefit of these French style green lentils is that they hold their shape once cooked, therefore are very versatile in a number of recipes.


Since these lentils remain whole when cooked, they are a lovely protein-rich and filling addition to wraps, burritos, tacos and salads. They are also a great base in vegetable patties and fritters, as well as vegetarian alternatives to classic dishes like this Shepherd’s Pie. Green french lentils are a tasty addition to vegetable soups, stews and curries. As with most other beans and pulses, you can puree your green lentils to make a flavoursome and nourishing dip for addition to your antipasti platters when entertaining, or simply to add a dollop to your Buddha Bowls. Remember that when you’re cooking lentils, don’t add salt as this will interfere with the outer layer of the lentil and cause it to become tough, which might not be so pleasant to eat.


Ingredients: Organic Green French Lentils

Allergens: No known allergens.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months when stored as above.

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