Go Bamboo Wooden Pegs


Go Bamboo clothes pegs have been designed to weather all of New Zealand’s harsh UV conditions while still being kind on your clothes. They are made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo, with a recyclable stainless steel spring and a recycled cardboard box. Plastic clothes pegs often make their way onto beaches by falling off the line and getting flushed out to sea with storm water. Go Bamboo clothes pegs are a great alternative for the environment that are also sturdy, strong and won’t stain any light-coloured clothes as they have a low tannin content.

Bamboo is an effective, affordable alternative to plastic that also has many environmental benefits. By considerately planting more bamboo we can help to cut global levels of carbon dioxide and reduce global warming. By choosing bamboo as an alternative to plastic you are making an active choice to reduce your carbon footprint.


Replace plastic and wooden clothes pegs with these bamboo counterparts when hanging clothing and linen. Even if you are unfortunate enough to lose some pegs off your line and down the train, at least you know these bamboo pegs will break down and won’t be contributing to plastic pollution in our oceans.

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