Ethique – Ginger Snap Face Scrub


Gingersnap is a creamy, delicious and slightly spicy facial exfoliator. Gingersnap comes in the form of 16 small cubes, which are perfect for exfoliating the face. Keep dry between uses and each block will provide at least two uses. The blocks are packaged in a reusable storage box and there are 16 blocks in a box. Made with brown sugar, Jojoba oil, ginger, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon, this bar gently buffs away old skin cells and leaves a light layer of moisture behind. Perfect for all skin types and a great cleanser on its own, so you don’t need to use multiple products.


Wet your face with one cube and warm water then buff in small circles into your face. When the product has been deposited on the skin, massage into your skin until the sugar dissolves. Finish off by rinsing with warm water to leave your face feeling super soft, clean and clear. Try Gingersnap Face Scrub with The Perfector solid face moisturiser.

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