Caliwoods Single Bent Smoothie Straw


Now you can enjoy using straws without having to throw away plastic all the time! CaliWoods Reusable Smoothie Straws are the perfect addition to your daily eco-routine, made from type 304, food-grade stainless steel which is incredibly durable. They are premium quality and are polished for a beautiful shine on the outside. Keep them on hand in your cutlery drawer or handbag so you’ll never need to opt for a plastic straw.


Choose the Reusable Straight Smoothie Straw if you like to drink thick drinks. They are made wide (the diameter of the straw is 0.95cm) to be the perfect size for that morning smoothie. CaliStraws will last for a long time because they are extremely durable, easy to clean and dishwasher/steriliser-safe. You can simply rinse your reusable straw out after each use and pop it in the dishwasher… Then reuse over and over again!

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