Organic Cacao Butter


This 100% raw organic cold-pressed cacao butter is produced through the cold-pressing of stone-ground cacao paste. Most commonly cacao butter is used in the production of raw chocolate, however it also works as a lovely creamy addition to many raw sweets and desserts and rather uniquely, works well as a base in homemade natural skincare. For this use, cacao butter absorbs easily into the skin and has been shown to treat dermatitis and reduce the visibility of stretch marks. It is full of antioxidants and other nutrients that may also provide protection from environmental toxins and chemicals. While some cacao butters smell of chocolate, this product is soft and delicate to the nose and is the world’s premier virgin cacao butter.


Cacao butter needs to be melted over a low heat before it can be blended into a recipe. It is the perfect ingredient in raw chocolate, smoothies, raw slices, like this tantalising Raw Vegan Caramel Slice, and ice-cream recipes like these delectable Vegan Magnums. Interestingly, you can also make homemade natural beauty products using cacao butter as a nourishing base. With its naturally high content of vitamin E, cacao butter can help to soothe, hydrate, moisturise and balance the skin, while also providing collagen to act as a natural anti-ager. Simply melt cacao butter alongside almond or coconut oil and once melted and cooled, add your choice of beeswax, shea butter and your favourite essential oils. Lather over your skin for a deeply nourishing moisture.


Ingredients: Organic Raw Cacao Butter

Allergens: No known allergens.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration recommended in warm climates.

Shelf Life: Up to 12 months when stored as above.

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