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The Pantry Starter Boxes were born from talking to thousands of you about the barriers of getting started on your plastic-free pantry. Before we dive in, in case you haven’t seen them yet - these are the 4 options:

GoodFor Pantry Starter Boxes

So, why did we launch these?

Here at GoodFor, we have a 10 year goal to be refilling 1 million pantries by 2030 and we believe the best way we can all take part is to start with the pantry staples we buy every week. The simple act of refilling our pantries wipes out 50% of our plastic consumption just like that, but we get it - not everyone lives near a refillery or even if you do, you might not have time to go in-store or it’s just too overwhelming!

At the end of 2020 we conducted a survey which 2431 people responded to and there were three key takeaways we got from it in regards to the major barriers we can face with shopping more sustainably.

1. Not knowing where to start
2. Time
3. Shipping Costs

We knew we needed to check these four boxes for you: easy, quick, affordable, sustainable.

GoodFor Pantry Boxes

Cue, the Pantry Starter Boxes. They include 12 pantry staple ingredients with one hero product in each box - Oats, Pasta, Rice or Quinoa. Easy for you, simply order online with one click and we’ll send it anywhere in the country with FREE shipping and no packing fees.

Pantry Starter Boxes

Your entire delivery is plastic-free with all products coming in either paper bags, home compostable bags or glass jars. Plus, each box will save you between $20-$25 than buying the items individually.

GoodFor Pantry Boxes

We genuinely hope this makes a difference for you or help friends and family to get started so we can all make a difference together.

Our Pantry Starter Boxes are available for a limited time only, shop online now.