Our everyday essentials range means you can buy that product from us for cheaper than the same packaged version of it in the supermarket!


So why are we doing this?

In a nutshell, we want to make sustainable shopping accessible for everyone, with no barriers, including price. 

In the past, we’ve had feedback that price has been a major barrier as to why people can’t shop with us more. As you can imagine, there are many variables that come into sourcing something sustainably, whilst also making something ‘affordable’. For us, it's not just about providing plastic-free food, it's about providing the best quality food available plastic-free. We will never compromise on quality and we understand that often with higher quality, comes a more expensive price point.

We know if we want to create real change, we need to allow more people to purchase GoodFor quality products at an affordable price. Our everyday essentials range is the first step in encouraging more people to purchase package-free, high quality and organic products at an affordable price. 

It’s been a dream of ours to get to a scale where we can lower the price on these everyday essentials we all buy each week or each month. We believe it’s these everyday choices where we can each have a major impact on our environment. 

The simple act of refilling our pantries wipes out 50% of our plastic consumption just like that. Each bag of rice, pasta, grains, nuts, spices, baking ingredients, the list goes on - these can all be refilled over and over again.

Refilling Pasta

Last year, we set a 10 year goal to be refilling 1 million pantries by 2030 and we believe this range is the beginning of how we can achieve this. It’s a big risk for us as we’re changing our entire business model and we’ll be honest, we need your support for this to work. 


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