Toast Toppers

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love toast? But sometimes a layer of PB just doesn’t cut it, so we’ve come up with three delectable toast toppers to really up your breakfast game!


Almond Butter and Berry Basil Seed Jam Ingredients

1 cup berries of choice

2 tsp coconut sugar

3 tbsp basil seeds

1/4 cup water

Generous serving of almond butter


To make the basil seed jam, blend the berries, water and coconut sugar together then transfer to a jar and stir in the basil seeds.

Set aside to thicken.

Spread a generous serve of almond butter on a slice of seeded bread and top with the jam.


Banana Caramel Ingredients

1/2 cup medjool dates

1/4 cup almond milk

Pinch of salt

Slices of banana

Cacao nibs for topping


To make the caramel, remove the pits of the dates and add to a blender with the almond milk and salt.

Blend until smooth.

Place the banana on the toast and drizzle the caramel sauce over then top with cacao nibs.


White Bean and Tomato Ingredients

1 cup cooked cannellini beans

2 cloves garlic

Juice of half a lemon

Pinch of salt

Sliced tomatoes


Mince the garlic and stir through the white beans along with the lemon juice and salt.

Mash roughly then spread over a slice of toast and top with tomatoes and herbs.

Toast Ingredients

1 jar Super Seedy Bread Mix (or a couple of slices of your favourite toasted bread)



Make your seeded bread according to jar instructions.

Toast until crunchy (or simply toast your favourite bread).

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