Simple Swaps to Set Up Your Packageless Pantry


Swap Plastic Containers for Stainless Steel Containers

The plastic problem: Plastic containers used for food storage.

Why? Many plastic containers are only used once before being disposed of. If reused, they may leak chemicals into the food being stored inside, which poses possible toxicity risks.

The plastic free solution: Reusable-forever stainless steel containers.

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Swap Glad Wrap for Reusable Food Wraps

The plastic problem: Glad wrap and other types of plastic food wrap.

Why? As above, mostly glad wrap will only be used once before being disposed of. Furthermore, the chemicals added to make glad wrap “clingy” and stretchable make it too complex a plastic to recycle, therefore it’ll undoubtedly end up in landfill.

The plastic free solution: Honeywrap reusable food wraps that can be washed and reused for up to a year.

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Swap Sponges for a Compostable Dish Brush

The plastic problem: Plastic dish brushes and sponges for kitchen cleaning.

Why? Most plastic scrub brushes and sponges are non-recyclable after use.

The plastic free solution: A compostable wooden dish brush with replacement head. (It looks much nicer in your kitchen too!)

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Swap Single-Use Spice Containers for Refillable Spice Jars

The plastic problem: Single-use plastic spice containers.

Why? You will generally buy a new spice container each time you run out of that spice.

The plastic free solution: Buying a set of refillable spice jars and buying your spices in bulk.

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Swap Plastic Produce Bags for Reusable Cotton Produce Sacks

The plastic problem: Plastic produce bags.

Why? They are not recyclable and barely ever get reused.

The plastic free solution: Reusable produce bags made from sustainable materials.

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Swap Paper Towels for Reusable Cloths or Rags

The plastic problem: Disposable paper towels.

Why? Once contaminated with any kind of food/liquid, they are not recyclable.

The plastic free solution: Investing in a set of reusable cleaning cloths, or repurposing old t-shirts and towels.

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