Coconut Ice (3 ways)

If there was a list of the best party foods of all time, coconut ice would definitely be on there. This treat combines a sweet, coconutty flavour with a satisfyingly crumbly texture and is sure to be a crowd favourite. While the original recipe calls for sugar, milk, butter, salt and food colouring, this recipe swaps out all those nasties for wholesome ingredients like brown rice malt syrup, cacao, acai and matcha. This recipe is unbelievably easy and only takes a few minutes to throw together. The only problem is that itโ€™s hard to stop at one piece!

coconut ice cutting



3 cups shredded coconut

ยผ cup + 3 tsp brown rice malt syrup*

1 tsp vanilla powder

2 tsp cacao powder

ยฝ-1 tsp matcha powder (depending on preference)

2 tsp acai powder

coconut ice ingredients



Place the coconut in a food processor and process for a few minutes until it begins to change from a dry flour consistency to one that is more oily.

At this point, add the rice malt syrup and vanilla.

Process until the mixture comes together nicely.

coconut ice method

Divide the mixture in half and then into thirds. In three separate lined trays or containers, press even amounts of the coconut mix then freeze.

With the remaining half, divide this into thirds.

Mix the cacao into one third, the matcha into another third and the acai into the last one, adding 1 teaspoon of brown rice malt syrup to each flavoured mix.

Press each of these on top of the original coconut layers and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Remove from the fridge and cut into pieces when the coconut ice is at room temperature to avoid crumbling.

coconut ice finished 2

* Available to purchase in-store only.

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