Scratchy throat? A warm tea will help soothe it! Ginger Lemon Kiss is a tasty option for the winter months to keep your immunity in check. To enhance the flavour and health benefits of this blend, add a squeeze of fresh lemon or a hunk of fresh ginger. Chamomile Tea may also boost the immune system and help fight infections associated with colds, attributable to its content of hippurate and glucine and their antibacterial qualities. If you like a good hit of orange and your immune system is feeling a little flat, Rooibos Orange Tea is for you. We love sipping away on a cuppa throughout day and night during winter!

Not a fan of herbal tea? Try a Gingerbread Latte instead! This is a carefully crafted blend of ginger, cinnamon, mixed spices and vanilla bean… The ideal antidote to colds and flu.

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Not only an essential in most savoury dishes for its distinct sharp taste, garlic will also help your immune system fight off pesky colds. In its raw form, garlic has antibiotic properties from the phytonutrient allicin, however if you can’t stomach eating cloves of raw garlic, try adding garlic to homemade dressings and sauces instead.

An alternative way to include garlic in your diet is with Garlic Powder or Garlic Salt, both with plenty of different uses in the kitchen.


During cold winter months, it’s inviting to start the day with a steamy bowl of oatmeal, another immune-boosting rockstar! Oats contain beta glucan, selenium and zinc, which help support immune function and fend off cold and flu symptoms. Add a dollop of Greek yogurt to your oatmeal for an extra immune boost.

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Sage is an ancient herb with powerful antiviral properties that can be used to treat a sore throat, stuffy nose or persistent cough. Brew in a tea or add to a broth to help strengthen your immune system. Sage can also be included in an onion stuffing, or flavour up your omelettes and frittatas with its lovely herbaceous taste.

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